Broken permanent links, CSS complaints, and all

I have just broken permanent links for old entries (both of them), so instead of 14-digit timestamp they would use words from the title. I think it is for the better, and I doubt anybody have bookmarked my old entries.

As a side note, old comments courtesy of JS-Kit still work, because they still rely on old timestamp-based article identifiers.

I have also heard that my site looks horribly in Safari. I do not consider myself in any way proficient with CSS syntax and all its incompatibilities, so even though I can change it to look better on one Mac I have access to, it would probably break other browsers and other platforms. So, feel free to send me patches for single CSS style file I use -- it comes straight from nanoblogger distribution.

I have a big backlog of articles to write, so for next few monthes I would be catching up and unloading them on you. Thanks for reading!

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